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a’part inc. was founded by two Australian entrepreneurs who have been friends and business partners for over 30 years. Together and independently they pioneered the adventure travel industry in with Kiwi Experience, Oz Experience, Fiji Experience and Brazil Experience, the world’s first get on get off coach touring network for independent travelers.

Then came base, the world’s first upscale brand for ‘backpackers’ and budget travelers. It rewrote the rule book on accommodation for young and independent travelers creating a market segment now known as ‘flash-packers’

In tech they pioneered online travel distribution, building the world’s first online bus booking system, online retail travel back-end systems and Cam as a co-founder of Viator, the first tour booking system.

They have dabbled in apps and as early entrants into the smart phone Eco-system created the first app featured in the iPhone instruction book (3GS) and game feature on the stage at the launch of the first Gen iPad.

Our companies have been featured in textbooks, university and vocational training programs and as case studies in countless PHD thesis’. The common theme in all of this is a deep love and focus on understanding the needs of the people we work for… our customers, and creating innovative solutions to give them more of what they value and less of the crap they don’t, in doing so to ensure that all of our efforts are channeled into providing much, much more value for significantly less money.

This is a’part of our journey to explore new ways to do things that will provide memorable experiences for our customers and incredible opportunities for our team.

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