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Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU)

What is an adu

Accessory dwelling units — also called ADUs, secondary units, or granny flats — are small living units, including a kitchen and bathroom, on a property that has one single-family home.

There are many benefits to ADUs, including that they: Create more affordable housing for our community, family members, or disabled persons; Provide an income opportunity for homeowners; Promote infill development; and Encourage the use of public transportation.

a'part ADU's are all factory built and HCD complaint. We can even help with the zoning applications, installations and final approvals.


Yes – you can choose any material you would like to clad the a’partment in, for example wood, glass, brick, zinc, copper … you name it we can make it look just right.
We have three floor plans – click here
In most cities the answer is Yes.
In most cities the answer is Yes. You can also rent the ADU and live in the main house.
In most cities that would be a big …. Yes.
In most cities ADUs can have a porch. If the porch is uncovered, it will not count toward the maximum floor area allowed. If the porch is covered by a permanent structure and is 50% or more enclosed with walls, then it will count toward the allowable floor area of the ADU. a’part ADU’s include a deck and can be covered with a shade cloth as an option.
In most cased yes. An address will be assigned to the ADU as part of the building permit process.
It will depend on jurisdiction however in cities like San Jose utilities can be combined with the main residence OR can be separate.
Generally speaking no, Sprinklers may be required for a detached ADU that is built with less than a three-foot setback.
The answer is possibly. In some cities the primary house will not be reassessed, and your base assessment of the primary house will not be affected, but your taxes will increase based on the value of the ADU.
When you chose an a’partment we will handle the planning for your ADU. Our service includes the submission of the plans with a Building Permit Application at the Permit Center. City staff will review the plans for compliance with the building code; once approved and all fees are paid, they will issue a building permit.
These change by city however commonly the the building permit fee depends on the square footage of the ADU.

In many cities other small fee’s may also apply including but not limited to
School fees
Park Impact fees
Fees for any clearances or other permits as may be applicable, such as a Geohazard Clearance, Tree Removal Permit, or a Fire Variance, for example.
In cities which have a need for housing the process is quick, typically around 20 – 30 business days unless your plan requires more than a first review.

Site Information
What do you need to have to get one

In most cases you will need a lot which is larger than 3,000 square feet. However an a’partment can go anywhere and in rural areas you may find you can have multiple a’partments and create a business out of them.

Floor Plans

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Rent it out with A’Part

When you purchase an a’partment from a’part you have the opportunity to rent it out in the a’part app and web site. When you choose to do this our system automatically features you’re a’partment on all travel sites including Airbnb, Priceline,,, Trivago and countless more. Our technology ensures that we optimize the booking opportunities but also the price. We dynamically price all a’partments based on demand, location and availability.

Depending on whether you purchase your a’partment or ‘partner’ with a’part to have one of ours placed on your land, we will share the revenue with you.

If you wish to clean the a’partment between each guest booking we also pay you for this, or we can outsource it.

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