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Hotel Operations

a’part builds to manage. We are at our core a hospitality company which has developed a building system to deliver the product our customers want at the price point they can comfortably afford.

Our management team has decades of experience in development, marketing, distribution, sales and physical operation of remote and regional wilderness lodges, urban hotels and student accommodation.

We know how to build the things people want, in the areas where they like to visit and we are experts at letting them know they exist and having them book.

Once on site our technology stack, a’pp and website lets our customers come and go with minimal interference. There is no check in other than the a’pp, you go straight to your room and let yourself in. If you want to speak to one of our customer service reps, you do call them through the a’pp. You want your room cleaned, food ordered or anything else, likewise you arrange it through the a’pp.

Instead of having staff sit around all day doing things you could and would be happier doing yourself, they are busy making your stay awesome by arranging activities, working the bar or setting up outstanding local events.

Our operational focus is all about giving our customers want they want and what they really value.

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