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Modular Development

What is it?

Modular development is simply the process of pre-manufacturing elements of a building in a factory off site and then transporting those elements to the construction site where they are pieced together.

Each element is a module of the overall development, hence the name.

Why Build With Modular Construction?

Firstly it is less expensive than site built construction and it is substantially faster. Each module can be built in a factory where the environment is controlled, weather does not impact the build time and generally speaking the materials used in construction can be more carefully handled without the need to be hoisted up in elevators and cranes.

Then there is the benefit of less interruption to the neighborhood, traffic, on site noise and trucks can deliver materials to an industrial estate for construction, rather than a neighborhood.

Overwhelmingly the benefits of modular construction are summarized in two simple words – price and speed. When time is money speed further lowers costs.

How we do it

We design every project in a conventional way however we work within modular sizes which allow each module to be shipped using conventional road, rail or ship transport. Once the designs are approved, we manufacture them in a factory. Like any building as the structures are completed they are inspected, then, as fit out is complete they are inspected again. Finally once the finished product is ready to leave the factory they are inspected again and a seal applied to indicate they are approved. The final site inspections occur at completion of the project.

Next the modules are shipped to the site of development. During the process of construction of the modules, all of the site works are completed including the foundations and any structural work.

A crane then adds each module to complete the development. Finally, we clad the exterior surfaces of the building in an attractive system we patented, called a’dorn.

As we are able to work concurrently on both site works and finished upper floor modules you can imagine how much faster it is. For example a comparable site-built development would take upwards of 24 months to complete whilst our modular buildings take less than 12 months.


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